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As an operation, cataloguers are as close to fulfillment as any market segment. In fact, except for the way orders are received, cataloguers have traditionally been the typical e-commerce operation, without the "e". But with any operation, absorbing the peaks and valleys of the seasonal nature of the buying public and the price pressures of increased competition have forced cataloguers to adopt a new paradigm - outsourcing to offload the high costs of existence. That is, in essence, sharing those peaks and valleys with other operations who's peaks may correspond to your valleys.

At Logistech, we provide just that solution. With our fulfillment operation, we are spreading the load factors across many different clients, whose products have varying seasonal demands. Therefore, when one customer is experiencing a valley, another may be experiencing a peak. Creating this autonomous efficiency helps Logistech drive down the total cost of operation, thereby allowing us to offer the total service much less expensively that it can be done in house, where absorption of those inefficient valleys drives the cost of the product higher.

It's much like a retail operation. Ever thought about why they don't remain open 24x7? It's because of the peak and valley in demand for their product between prime daylight hours and dead nighttime hours. But for a cataloguer, seasonal downtimes are very similar in nature - without the luxury of being able to just shut down, where doing so would risk the loss of visibility to the buying public.