Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Ecommerce Fulfillment Service
A key requirement of any successful e-commerce operation is a strong IT backbone. All of our systems run on custom built redundant servers hosted by Hosted Solutions. Using a managed hosting facility like Hosted Solutions provides many features that help to make our systems more reliable for you :

   Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Fully redundant power supply with generator backup - minimizing the possibility of downtime from a power outage
   Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Multiple OC-3 (155Mbps or about the same speed as 103 DSL lines) redundant high-bandwidth Internet connections, so that you can rest assured that you should always be able to access our servers.
   • Physical security - Hosted Solutions uses access cards, biometric hand scanners, and photo ID checking to ensure the highest level of security
   Ecommerce Fulfillment Service 24x7 monitoring - in the event one of our servers is down, our IT staff is notified immediately
   Ecommerce Fulfillment Service Data Backups - In addition to backups provided by Hosted Solutions, we have duplicate servers ready to go at a moments' notice in the event of a failure